Chief Medical Officer and Associate Dean for Clinical Services

Dr. Dana Zimmel


Hospital Directors

Sheri Holloway, BS, CVT – Associate Director

Bobby Lee, MBA – Assistant Director


Coordinator of Clinical Services

Rachel DiSesa, MS



Linda Howard – Call Center


Client Service Representatives

Leia Bruns

Dian De Jesus

Coral Drake

Gabriela Hery

Levi Schrack

Blanca Perez

Jenny Toland


Front Desk

Susan Westfall

Jaime Wilson

Call Center Operators

Vittoria Buono

Brittney Brodbeck Ortiz

Kelley Chapman

Alicia Cochrane

Christie Hodge

Nikki Nelson

Rachael Schirmer

Andrew Schutte


Primary Care/Emergency Desk

Joey Cafaso

Casey Hales

Kyle Larson

Ashley Roehner

Kelly Signer

Alex Wigglesworth


Referral Coordinator

Lynn Elizabeth Varner, CVT


Service Representatives

Jenna Saxton, MBA – Oncology

Nicolle O’Steen – Primary Care & Dentistry

Katherine Devine, MA – Ophthalmology

Alexandria Hamilton – Emergency & Critical Care