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Clinicians: by service

Every small animal veterinary patient at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital is managed by a board-certified veterinary specialist assisted by one or more residents and trained veterinary technicians. Call us at 352-392-2235 to schedule an appointment.

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(Alphabetical listing)

Integrative Medicine

Dr. Justin Shmalberg, Service Chief

Dr. Richard Hill

Dr. Huisheng Xie


Internal Medicine


Dr. Sheila Carrera-Justiz, Service Chief



Dr. Richard Hill

Dr. Justin Shmalberg, Service Chief



Dr. Sarah Boston, Service Chief

Dr. Amandine Lejeune, Associate Service Chief

Dr. Rowan Milner

Dr. Keijiro Shiomitsu

Dr. Carlos Souza

Dr. Anna Szivek



Dr. Caryn Plummer, Service Chief

Dr. David Whitley

Dr. Ralph Hamor


Primary Care & Dentistry

Dr. Amy Stone, Service Chief

Dr. Francesca Griffin

Dr. Wendy Mandese

Dr. Julia Wuerz



Dr. Gary Ellison, Service Chief

Dr. Brad Case

Dr. Mauricio Dujowich

Dr. Stanley Kim

Dr. Daniel Lewis

Dr. Matt Johnson


Zoological Medicine

Dr. Darryl Heard, Service Chief

Dr. Ramiro Isaza

Dr. James Wellehan