Symptoms of tick-related diseases in your pet

Published: May 9th, 2014

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Did you know your pet can have a tick-related disease and you may not even realize it?  Is your dog tired or achy after a walk? Is your cat eating less than usual? These seemingly minor changes may indicate your pet has a tick-related disease.

Ticks are tricky. Even when you check your pet for ticks they can be tough to find because they’re small and hide well in dark fur. But it’s crucial to find ticks and remove them quickly.  Some ticks carry bacteria that cause disease (such as Lyme disease, but there are many others). And it just takes one undetected tick bite for your pet to become infected. Left untreated, your pet can become sick and develop kidney damage. At times, these diseases can be fatal.

The good news is that when detected and treated early, tick-related diseases can be cured. We can do tick checks and work on a tick prevention plan for your pet. Schedule an appointment for your pet’s annual checkup today – we’ll give them a thorough physical exam from nose to tail, checking for hidden ticks along the way. We’ll also talk about how to keep your pet tick-free and determine if a simple tick-borne disease-screening test is needed. Call us at 352-392-2235 to make an appointment today and let’s keep your pet healthy!