Did you know your pet’s nutritional needs change throughout a lifetime?

Published: June 4th, 2014

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Gluten free. Mature adult formula. Holistic. Grain-free. No by-products. Active formula. All Natural. Farm Fresh.  The words on pet food labels can be confusing. How do you know the food you feed your pet is appropriate for his or her current age and lifestyle?

The signs of nutritional imbalances may be obvious on the outside when you look at your pet—a dull coat, dry skin. Your pet may be overweight or have less energy. But it’s hard to know if your pet’s nutritional needs are being met – on the inside. It’s important to find out because good nutrition is vital to your pet’s health. The right food keeps your pet in tip-top shape. They’re healthy, active and happy both inside and out!

An appropriate pet food is important to your pet’s well-being because:

  • It provides optimal nutrients such as calcium and energy for puppies and kittens to grow healthy and strong.
  • It keeps adult dogs and cats at ideal weight and body condition.
  • It gives senior pets the nutritional support they need.

We’re committed to help you choose the food that keeps your pet healthy. We’ll work together to decipher pet food labels. We’ll explain what certain words mean (and don’t mean). And if a pet food claims to have “reduced calories,” we can tell you if it’s the right choice for your overweight pet. We’ll also recommend the best food for your pet’s age and lifestyle– a puppy or kitten, an indoor adult pet, a working pet, or a senior.

Make sure what you’re feeding your pet still provides best nutrition for best health.  Make an appointment for your pet’s annual exam today – we’ll check to make sure your pet is getting the nutrition necessary to stay well. Call us at 352-392-2235 to make an appointment today and let’s keep your pet healthy!