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white terrier dog

Have you vaccinated your dog against leptospirosis?

Published: Apr 4th, 2014

Florida veterinarians are reporting a troubling spike in cases of a potentially fatal bacterial infection among dogs — which can be spread to humans.

Spotlight on blood donors

Published: Aug 26th, 2013

Dogs helping dogs: The Gainesville Sun spotlights UF Small Animal Hospital’s blood donor program.

UF trial saves snake-bitten dogs

Published: Jul 26th, 2013

An anti-venom study being conducted at the UF Small Animal hospital has treated and saved the lives of 12 dogs so far.

UF veterinarians save pregnant dog with pancreatitis – and her puppies

Published: Apr 30th, 2013

Treatment at UF’s Pet Emergency Treatment Services in Ocala and in Gainesville saved pregnant dog and her puppies.