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Pet Behavior

Could your pet’s behavior be related to a hidden illness?

Published: Jul 14th, 2014

Nipping. Scratching. Litter box issues. Leash pulling. Meowing at night. Urinating on the floor. Chewing shoes. Some common behavior issues are due to underlying medical problems that could be tough to recognize.

Summer pets

Summer tips for pet owners

Published: Jun 24th, 2014

Keep your pets safe and cool this summer during the hot weather and festivities of the season.

Pet nutritional needs

Did you know your pet’s nutritional needs change throughout a lifetime?

Published: Jun 4th, 2014

The signs of nutritional imbalances may be obvious on the outside when you look at your pet—a dull coat, dry skin. Your pet may be overweight or have less energy. But it’s hard to know if your pet’s nutritional needs are being met – on the inside.

Tick prevention

Symptoms of tick-related diseases in your pet

Published: May 9th, 2014

Some ticks carry bacteria that cause disease. And it just takes one undetected tick bite for your pet to become infected. Left untreated, your pet can develop kidney damage. At times, these diseases can be fatal.

Sad dog

Itchy pet? Now is the time for flea prevention

Published: Apr 23rd, 2014

What bothers you most? When your pet scratches so much his rattling tags keep you up all night? Is it the “thump, thump, thump” of her back leg on the floor that makes sleep impossible for you both? Or maybe it’s just knowing that your best friend is miserable because he can’t get comfortable?

Most Valuable Technician and Students Named for Recent Rotations

Most Valuable Technician and Students Named for Recent Rotations

Published: Jan 29th, 2014

Congratulations to the the winners of Most Valuable Technician and Student for Rotation P and Q.  Here are some of the things that were said about each winner: Student Brittany […]