Behavior Therapy

fawn pug and bulldogThe Veterinary Behavior Therapy service at the University of Florida provides diagnostic and management of behavior problems commonly seen in household pets, small animals, large animals, and exotics.  Behavior consults are done solely as house calls.  To make an appointment, please call our Main Hospital Phone: 352-392-2235.

Services Offered

We offer help with:

  • Aggressive Behavior Therapy for dogs and cats for aggressive behavior directed at strangers, owners, other animals.
  • Inappropriate elimination.
  • Thunderstorm phobia.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Excessive barking.
  • Horse and bird behavior problems.
  • Other nuisance behaviors.

Case Histories

Clients should complete and return a detailed behavior history form before their appointment. The form will be mailed or faxed to clients after the appointment is made and it is also available for download using the links below:

Canine Behavior History – 2019

Feline Behavior History – 2019



Completed forms should be returned by fax, e-mail, or regular mail to Dr. Curtis prior to the appointment.  See contact information on forms for further details.

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