Dermatology FAQs

How do I make a dermatology appointment for my pet?

Please call the UF Small Animal Hospital at (352) 392-2235. Simply press Option 3 for specialty services and our client services staff will be happy schedule your dermatology appointment.

How do I schedule my horse for a dermatology appointment?

Please call the UF Large Animal Hospital at (352) 392-2229 for equine appointments.

Can I see the dermatology service without a referral?

A referral from your primary veterinarian is not required. However, we do prefer to work with your family veterinarian to provide you and your pet with the most comprehensive veterinary care.

Is the UF Veterinary Hospital expensive?

Our prices are generally equivalent to those of other veterinarians in the Gainesville area. We do offer a high level of expertise with experienced board-certified veterinarians specializing in veterinary dermatology, along with specialized veterinary technicians to uphold and maintain a high level of care.   We also work very closely with experts in several areas of the hospital to make sure your pet is being diagnosed and treated with leading technology and techniques.

How do I get a refill on a prescription?

Please contact our UF Veterinary Pharmacy at (352) 294-4614 for refills other than allergy vaccines (see below).

How do I get a refill on an allergy vaccine?

If your pet has been regularly receiving allergy shots or immunotherapy from the UF Veterinary Hospitals, please contact us at (352) 392-2235 regarding refills. Let us know if your address has changed or if your pet is not doing well, in which case an appointment may be necessary prior to continuing allergy treatment. Allow approximately 3-4 weeks for the vaccine to reach you by mail.

Who will my pet see?

Every patient care team is composed of a veterinary student, a veterinary technician and a veterinarian. Your pet’s medical history will be reviewed, followed by an initial examination. Because of the complexity of medical problems seen here and because we are a teaching hospital, we emphasize thoroughness in the evaluation of each animal. We will discuss your pet’s condition, diagnostic and treatment options and will provide you with an estimate of costs.

What about dermatology emergencies?

You encourage you to call your regular veterinarian first if it is during day-time hours. The UF Small Animal Hospital is alway open for emergencies.

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