Dermatology FAQs

  • How do I make an appointment?

You call the front desk at (352) 392-2235 and follow the voice instructions to make an appointment in dermatology.

  • Can I schedule my horse for a dermatology appointment?

Yes, you would call the Large Animal Hospital at (352) 392-2229 and ask to make an appointment for a horse with a skin problem.  You will be scheduled on a Monday with our Large Animal Medicine and Dermatology Service. It is ideal if the owner, rather than a driver or horse farm employee brings or accompanies the horse. This is critical for us to get a history.

  • Can I come to see the Dermatology Service without a referral?

Yes, but if you have a regular veterinarian, it is useful to all to discuss your desire to come to UF, so that we can correspond with him/her about our findings and future management of your pet.

  • Is the UF Veterinary Hospital cheaper than other veterinarians?

We are not generally cheaper than other specialty veterinarians. Our prices are generally equivalent to those of other veterinarians in the Gainesville area. We do offer a high level of expertise with experienced board-certified veterinarians specializing in veterinary dermatology, along with specialized veterinary technicians to uphold and maintain a high level of care.   We also work very closely with experts in several areas of the hospital to make sure your pet is being diagnosed and treated with leading technology and techniques.

  • Does the UF Small Animal Hospital have special subsidies for low income families?

We do not have any way to subsidize those that cannot afford the care of their pets. Owning a pet is a financial responsibility. There are programs such as or CARE CREDIT and PAWS which is run by veterinary students where those who are ill, elderly, or disabled may be able to get some assistance from this program. The resources for PAWS are not large and usually consist of drug company -donated supplies and caring veterinary students who may be able to provide some assistance if a regular client is hospitalized or ill.

  • How do I get a refill on a prescription?

If your prescription from the UF Veterinary Hospitals says that you have refills available, you can call the pharmacy as indicated on the label and request a refill if you are picking it up in person. If you want the refilled mailed, they will ask that you prepay the prescription and charge a small mailing fee. If you need a new prescription, call the reception area and they will take a message, retrieve the medical record, and ask the dermatologist on duty to call you. Unfortunately, in our hospital, unlike many local clinics, even medicated shampoos require a prescription. Drugs such as heartworm prevention or de-worming agents should be received from your regular veterinarian or from our Primary Care office.

  • How do I get a refill on an allergy vaccine?

If your pet has been regularly receiving allergy shots or immunotherapy from the UF Veterinary Hospitals, you need to call Amy Beaver, our dermatology technician, at (352) 392-2235 and leave your name and pet’s name. Leave a phone number as we will ask that you prepay for the medication via the business office. Make certain to tell us if your address has changed or if the pet is not doing well, in which case an appointment should be made before investing more money in allergy treatment. Allow approximately 3-4 weeks for the vaccine to reach you by mail.

  • Will I see only students or trainees?

When you come for an appointment, seeing veterinary students, interns, and residents is part of the teaching hospital experience. You should feel comfortable knowing that a faculty member is always in charge and ultimately responsible for the care of your pet. You may not actually see the faculty member, but they have seen your pet if it is taken into the dermatology room. Rarely, if a dog is aggressive or difficult to manage, you may only see one doctor in the examination room alone.

  • How are phone calls handled?

If you are calling for general advice and have never been to the UF Veterinary Hospitals, your call may be returned by a student or resident. If they have any questions regarding the answer, they may talk to you and then return the call. If you are a referring veterinarian and are calling about a prior patient, leave a message, especially with evening numbers, and the residents on dermatology consult duty or the veterinarian who handled the case will call you as soon as they can and usually with the record in hand.

  • What about Dermatology Emergencies?

These do occur although they are uncommon. You should call your local and regular veterinarian first if it is during day-time hours. We should be contacted either by yourself (if you have been to the UF Veterinary Hospitals) or by your veterinarian if the patient has severe ulcerations, hives, or some condition your veterinarian deems an emergency. We will try to see you quickly if after talking with you, this seems to be urgent.