Integrative Medicine Service

The UF Small Animal Hospital Integrative Medicine service provides therapeutic treatment plans to enhance health and healing in veterinary patients by supplementing other medical or surgical treatments.  Our Veterinary Integrative Medicine service works alongside other services within the Small Animal Hospital.

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Small Animal Veterinary Integrative Medicine Services Offered

Typical Conditions Treated

  • Pain
  • Geriatric Diseases
  • Exercise-related diseases
  • Post orthopedic surgery
  • Post neurologic surgery
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Non-operable orthopedic conditions (conditions in which surgery may be avoided or delayed, such as grade I-II MPL, early partial CCL rupture, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia)
  • Non-operable neurologic conditions (FCE)
  • Post amputation
  • Chronic, non-healing wound
  • Muscle wasting (Cushings disease, chemotherapy, etc.)

Our Team

Justin W Shmalberg

Justin W Shmalberg

Clinical Professor
Erin L Miscioscia

Erin L Miscioscia

Service Chief, Clinical Assistant Professor – Integrative Medicine
Jennifer A Repac

Jennifer A Repac

Clinical Assistant Professor – Integrative Medicine
Kelly Deabold

Kelly Deabold DVM, CVA

Melissa A Narum

Melissa A Narum DVM, MS

Integrative Medicine Specialty Intern
John Schwartz

John Schwartz DVM, MS, CCRP

Integrative Medicine Resident
Maya Hester

Maya Hester BS

Technician Supervisor
Wendy L Davies

Wendy L Davies BS, CVT, CCRVN, VTS

Veterinary Technician
Brandy Madeiros

Brandy Madeiros BS, CVT, CCRVN

Veterinary Technician
Sierra N Eisenbrown

Sierra N Eisenbrown

Veterinary Assistant

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