Nutrition evaluation information

Any patient under the care of a board-certified veterinary specialist :

We are willing to consult by phone with specialists if the specialist is willing to help obtain the information we need and manage the patient after our consultation

  • A detailed list of all foods fed (brand, type, quantity) including commercial diets, treats, and table scraps.
  • A detailed list of all supplements and medications being given (including dose and frequency)
  • A copy of recent bloodwork (complete blood count, chemistry, thyroid level), collected within the last six months (this may be requested or completed at the time of consultation)
  • A complete copy of patient’s medical records
  • A detailed recipe for any home-prepared diets being fed (including how it is prepared and exactly what ingredients are used eg skin or no skin, drained or not drained, salt added etc)
  • Contact information for the referring veterinarian
  • For more information, veterinarians can contact the Small Animal Hospital at 352-392-2235 option 2, or email: