What to Expect

Welcome to the Integrative and Mobility Medicine Service. Our service is the first of its kind in the country that integrates Western/conventional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and nutrition to get the best possible outcome for your pet. We have a state-of-the-art facility, including two underwater treadmills, a land treadmill, an endless pool, laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, all of which are performed under the expert guidance of veterinarians and veterinary technicians certified in various areas within this specialty.

Upon arrival for your initial evaluation, one of our client liaisons will greet you and escort you and your pet back to one of our exam rooms. Once in the exam room a third- or fourth-year veterinary student will enter and discuss your pet’s history and presenting complaint. The veterinary student will then leave the room and present your pet’s history to one of our veterinarians. Once the student and veterinarian have discussed the case, they both will return to the exam room to further discuss your pet’s presenting complaint and bring your pet to our larger examination area for a thorough physical examination. This examination may involve full orthopedic and neurologic examinations, a Traditional Chinese Medicine examination and/or obtaining baseline measurements for mobility cases, as described below. Following examination, potential diagnostic and treatment options will be discussed with you either in person or over the phone. We understand your time is very valuable and therefore you are given the option to leave the hospital while your pet is examined and return to the hospital to pick up your pet following potential diagnostic tests and/or treatments.


To incorporate traditional Chinese medicine into your pet’s care, several questions about your pet’s behavior, likes/dislikes, diet and most importantly what your goals are for your pet will be asked. This information, combined with a traditional Chinese medicine examination, will allow the veterinary acupuncturist to develop your pet’s traditional Chinese veterinary medicine pattern or diagnosis, which will be combined with the conventional diagnosis for a cohesive treatment strategy. Once the pattern is established your pet will receive an acupuncture session. Acupuncture needles are very small, about the width of a human hair, and cause little to no discomfort once placed. Your pet will then sit for 20-30 minutes with the needles in, during which many animals become so relaxed they even fall asleep.

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

For mobility cases, a complete neurologic and orthopedic examination will be performed, including obtaining baseline measurements (e.g., limb circumference, joint angles, gait analysis on a force platform) to be used to monitor progress throughout the course of treatment. On the day of your first evaluation, we may recommend additional diagnostics to better understand the cause of your pet’s mobility issue, in order to provide the best possible treatment plan. We may also introduce your pet to recommended therapies, for instance by performing an introduction to the underwater treadmill or laser therapy. The veterinarian or rehabilitation veterinary technician may also teach you how to perform home exercises, as your participation in your pet’s recovery is essential. Once a treatment plan has been established, further treatments can be scheduled, often once per week initially, depending on the goals for your pet. We offer a convenient drop off service for your pet Monday through Friday that will allow us to perform multiple treatments on your pet over the course of 3-4 hours.

Pet Insurance: Please consult your pet insurance company BEFORE the visit to determine coverages and limits as they relate to our services. Coverage for integrative medicine and rehabilitation varies between carriers. We can generate an itemized estimate in advance of the visit if you need more specific information to provide to your insurer. Please note that we cannot modify or amend charges or alter discharges to facilitate pet insurance claims.

Unless otherwise directed, please do not feed your pet (food) after midnight on the night before his/her appointment (unless your pet is diabetic); Water is allowed (as much as desired).  Unless otherwise directed, medications can be given to your pet as prescribed.

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