Olive’s Way Fund


Olive’s Way is a fund that helps patients at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital through direct support of its oncology program. Founded by Lisa and Harry Posin in honor of their beloved pet, Olive, the fund is directed by the Imparato Endowed Professor in Surgical Oncology and oncology service chief. Olive’s Way is actively supported by clients, many of whom have personally been affected by having a pet with cancer. The oncology program at UF’s College of Veterinary Medicine continues to grow in talent and capability and is known for being one of the best in the country. The passion of our clinicians and technical support staff for making a difference in pet’s lives, acknowledged through Olive’s Way, has helped our oncology service grow from a single clinician in 2002 to the largest training center for veterinary oncologists in the southeastern United States. The University of Florida is one of only two centers in the world to train veterinarians in cancer surgery in a post-residency program. Olive’s Way has helped make this possible.

Are you interested in helping support our efforts in oncology? If you would like to learn more about our oncology program and ways to help support it, please contact our Office of Advancement at 352-294-4256. You may also make a donation directly online here.