Digital Radiography (DR)

In 2004 the service made a landmark upgrade from traditional radiography, utilizing film and chemical processing, to computed radiography (CR). Using the same X-ray equipment already in place, CR uses a cassette system with an imaging plate that contains photostimulable (light stimulated) storage phosphors. These phosphors detect and store energy from the x-rays that strike the cassette.  These images are processed and stored digitally, eliminating chemical processing and film.

In 2010, the Diagnostic Imaging service added digital radiography to the arsenal of imaging technology available at the UF Veterinary Hospitals.  Images obtained with this technology are processed within seconds, yielding high quality diagnostic images with decreased radiation exposure and increased efficiency.

Additionally, the images are created and stored using a medical imaging standard (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine or DICOM) that provides secure files which can be viewed by all DICOM compliant software.

We have made some normal radiography of dogs available as reference for our referring veterinarians: