Surgery FAQs

  • Who will be seeing my pet during my visit?

Our surgical team is comprised of numerous doctors and two technicians, one each for Orthopedics and Soft Tissue & Minimally Invasive Surgery.  Our faculty surgeons are board certified and have completed advanced training in small animal surgery, and our orthopedic surgeons have additionally developed an expertise in that field.  We also have surgical residents who have graduated veterinary school, completed a rotating internship, and are currently in a rigorous training program under the supervision of our faculty.  We have two certified veterinary technicians who round out our team and handle a large portion of the scheduling and communication with our clients.  Our facility is a teaching hospital and as such our veterinary students are integral to patient care as well, taking an active role in the communication and treatment of your pet under the supervision of our doctors and technicians.

  • Who will be anesthetizing my pet if surgery is recommended?

For surgical procedures, our patients are anesthetized by our anesthesia service.  This department is led by a team of board certified anesthesiologists who oversee a highly specialized group of residents and technicians.  This team utilizes state of the art monitors, progressive anesthesia protocols, and individualized attention to each patient to ensure the best anesthesia for your pet.  Some of our procedures take place under heavy sedation, which is monitored by our veterinary technician to ensure maximal safety of this technique.

  • What happens in the event of a postoperative complication?

Due to the complexity of the conditions that we treat and the procedures we perform, postoperative complications may occur.  These could require extended hospitalization and additional diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.  We will try to discuss common potential complications with you prior to surgery.  However, it is impossible to anticipate every complication associated with any surgical procedure.  Should complications arise, we will make every effort to keep you informed of your pet’s status, what further steps will be required in managing these complications, and any additional potential costs.  These costs are not included in your initial estimate, but we will do our best to apprise you of them in this event.

  • What type of aftercare is needed after my pet’s surgery?

This will vary according to the type of procedure performed. Most pets will be sent home with a temporary bandage to cover the incision and an “E-Collar” to prevent licking of the surgical site. Post-operative pain medications are usually prescribed and restriction of activity is strongly encouraged.

  • What follow up appointments are needed after my pet’s surgery?

Our surgeons will discuss the recommended follow up appointment plan with you prior to surgery and again when your pet is discharged.  The cost of these recheck exams are not included in the cost of surgery, but are at a reduced rate as compared to the initial evaluation.  Orthopedic surgeries require diligence on the part of the owner to return for the designated rechecks in order to evaluate progress after surgery and address any issue that may arise.

The University of Florida Small Animal Hospital is staffed by people who have pets themselves and understand the deep value of the human-animal bond. We treat our patients as if they were our own pets and make every effort to keep you well informed and to help you understand what is happening during their time with us.

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