What to Expect

Welcome to the Zoological Medicine service.  We are committed to providing excellent patient care and client service with the expertise of our board-certified veterinary specialists, resident veterinarians, and our veterinary technicians.  Our service is available for evaluations and rechecks each week, with appointments every other Monday and Friday and every Wednesday.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for procedures.

Upon arriving at the UF Small Animal Hospital, you and your pet will be placed in an exam room by one of our client liaisons.  A junior or senior veterinary student will come in, introduce themselves, and begin asking questions regarding the history of your pet.  After this information is gathered, the students are instructed to discuss the case with the doctor, after which the student and doctor will return to you to further discuss your pet’s signs and symptoms.  Once a full history is taken, we will take your pet to our specialized treatment area to fully examine the animal in a minimal stress environment.  Using this information, the doctor and student will review their initial assessment with you, along with any additional diagnostic recommendations and a proposed treatment plan.

Zoological Medicine evaluations are very thorough and can be time-consuming, so please prepare for a longer visit, typically 1-4 hours, depending on what is recommended.  We may ask that you leave your pet with us during this time so that we may complete our evaluation and provide you with a more detailed treatment plan.  We realize that your time is valuable and will do everything to address your situation in a timely fashion.  Emergencies may occur involving other animals that we must triage to address these situations.  Unfortunately, this may cause an increase in your wait time, but we will do our best to communicate any additional delays to you.  At the same time, we also appreciate your understanding that it is also important that we take the time necessary to provide the absolute best care possible for your pet.