What To Expect

Clinic Visit

After checking in with a receptionist member of our client service team, you and you pet will be taken to an examination room. Our patient care teams are composed of a veterinary student, a veterinary technician, and a veterinarian.  Your pet’s medical history will be reviewed, followed by an initial examination.  Because of the complexity of medical problems seen here and because we are a teaching hospital, we emphasize thoroughness in the evaluation of each animal. We will discuss your pet’s condition, diagnostic and treatment options, and will provide you with an estimate of costs.

Hospitalization and Veterinary Intensive Care

After your pet’s initial examination, we may recommend hospitalization, either for additional diagnostic tests or for specific treatment.  We are staffed 24-hours a day to provide optimum veterinary care for your pet.  If critically ill, your pet  will be admitted to our veterinary intensive care unit.  You will be notified immediately of any change in your pet’s condition during his or her stay.  To keep you updated regularly, it is important that we have your home, mobile, and work phone number(s).

Visits While Your Pet is Hospitalized

If you would like to visit your pet while he or she is hospitalized, please make arrangements with the attending veterinarian. Visitation times vary with each service.  To prevent infection and provide optimal care to your pet, we ask that you please respect visitation arrangements.

Going Home

The veterinarian responsible for your pet will make the necessary arrangements for discharge when your pet is ready to go home.  Written care instructions will be provided.  If you have any further questions or experience any problems with your pet after you take him or her home, please call the attending veterinarian as soon as possible.  For problems occurring after hours, your call will be taken by our answering service.  If your pet is not a primary care patient at our hospital, please provide the name of your family veterinarian so we may update their office on your pet’s condition.  Your family veterinarian will receive information regarding the diagnosis, treatment and follow up after care of your pet.

University of Florida


As part of both the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and UF Health, Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to advancing animal, human and environmental health through teaching, research, extension and patient care.



Animal Hospitals

Need animal care? Visit the UF Small Animal and Large Animal Hospitals. From dogs, cats, birds and exotics to horses, cattle, llamas, pigs and many other large farm or food animals, our experienced veterinary staff is ready to assist.

Animal Airwaves

Syndicated Podcast

Animal Airwaves

Animal Airwaves is a daily radio series that features one-minute segments relating to animal health, ranging from insights into animal behavior to veterinary patient care breakthroughs and trends.

Animal Airwaves