Referring Veterinarians

The office of the Referral Liaison serves the referring veterinarian in managing the exchange of information between UF staff veterinarians and referring veterinarians and fully supports the efforts of the primary care veterinarian in facilitating referrals to the Small Animal Hospital.

Referral letters and supporting documentation are required to encourage a team approach to the patient’s care. Please note: digital radiographs are accepted DICOM format. Please do NOT include viewers on CDs; most are not compatible with our PACS system.  If you have questions regarding how to submit radiographs, please call and we will help. Paper items can be faxed to the Client Care front desk at fax number, 352-846-2445.

Q: What happens when I refer?

 All appointments are with a specialty service, not with a specific clinician.

If the referral is not an emergency, your client is welcome to schedule his or her appointment directly through our Call Center at 352-392-2235.  You will be informed of your patient’s arrival via rVetLink, our online records portal.  Furthermore, Discharge Orders and diagnostic reports are available via rVetLink.  See here:  for more information about using rVetLink.

 Q: What are the Small Animal Hospital’s emergency hours?

 Emergency & Critical  Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When a patient needs to be referred on an emergency basis, please call our Call Center at 352-392-2235, you will be transferred to the scheduled emergency clinician to discuss pertinent patient history prior to referral.

Q:What about after hours calls?

Please call 352-395-2235 if after 5 p.m. or on weekends/holidays to speak to the Emergency and Critical Care staff.

 Q: What is the Small Animal Hospital’s financial policy?

Our hospital is not subsidized to provide free or reduced-cost veterinary care. Clients should be prepared to pay for all care their pets receive at our hospital. All clients receive a written estimate of charges before the patient is admitted. The client should expect to pay a deposit at the time of admission. Owners of emergency patients are expected to pay an additional emergency fee. Clients are expected to pay any balance in full upon discharge. Owners will be notified of fee changes as they occur. We encourage the use of CareCredit for clients wishing to make payments.

 Q: Who do I contact about necropsies?

 Necropsies are performed by the Department of Anatomic Pathology as part of its teaching program. There is a fee for the necropsy report. Please call the pathology supervisor, Patrick Knisley, at 352- 294-4528 regarding any questions you may have about necropsy services.

 A final report on necropsies will be mailed to the owner and referring veterinarian 4-6 weeks after completion.