Technician Continuing Education Conference

Registration for the 2017 Technician Continuing Education Conference is now closed.

Thank you all for an exciting, fun, and educational day of learning! Please return here for the 2018 Technician Continuing Education Conference available Summer 2018.

Please join us for a full day of cutting-edge continuing education specifically designed for veterinary technicians and staff

Where: 2015 SW 16th Ave Gainesville, FL 32608

Date: Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Time: 7:30 AM (Registration Starts) – 3:30 PM (End of Afternoon Sessions)

Registration options include:

  • Online: (2018 Information Not Available Yet)
  • Phone: (352) 392-1701
  • Mail: Fill out form on brochure (2018 Brochure Not Available Yet) and mail to “UF Conference Department” at 2046 NE Waldo Road, Ste. 1150 Gainesville, FL 32609

Additional information on specific lectures, masterclasses, and labs offered are located below: (2018 Information Not Yet Available)

  • Lectures and Lunch & LearnsĀ 
  • Labs
  • Masterclasses