Signs That You Are Healing

A list of signs to indicate that you are healing:

  • You think more about your pet’s life than you do about her/his death
  • Emotions are not as intense and you feel a sense of control over them
  • Energy level, sleep patterns, appetite, and other physiological changes brought about by the loss are returning to normal
  • You are regaining an interest in activities you enjoyed before your loss
  • Reminders of your pet and the circumstances surrounding her/his death are not as painful
  • You do not try to avoid reminders of you pet
  • You are better able to remember the good times you shared with your pet
  • “Triggers” or those memories that catch you off guard are not as overwhelming
  • You are beginning to focus more on the present and future and less on the past
  • You are able to talk about your pet without crying or feeling intense sadness
  • You can enjoy yourself, laugh, and have a good time without feeling guilty
  • You control your pain, it doesn’t control you
  • You do not feel guilty when realizing you no longer think about your pet all of the time
  • Letting go of your pain does not feel as though you are betraying your pet
  • You no longer wish the world would stop because of your loss