The UF Small Animal Hospital is the leading referral facility for patients throughout Florida and the Southeast. We are committed to offering the best-possible treatment for your pet via a wide range of expertise in many specialties.


College breaks record in food drive donations

The food bank’s “Top 10” holiday drives has included the college for two years in a row.

Fall graduates receive M.S. degrees

A virtual commencement ceremony was held Dec. 18 to honor the new graduates.

New podcast episode addresses lack of diversity in veterinary medicine

Dr. Michael Bowie discusses this issue in the veterinary profession and efforts underway at UF to address it.

UF vets use novel treatment to save Louie, the trailblazing seahorse

The seahorse has recovered from potentially fatal gas bubble disease.


Horse and pills: helping the medicine go down

When we ask our horses to take oral medications, they often have other ideas. But don’t despair. There are several ways to make the medicine go down. Try hiding small…

Cancer affects large animals, too

Cancer isn’t just a condition of people and pets—it can also affect large animals, like horses and livestock. Signs depend more on the location and extent of the cancer than…

A diet designed to block feline allergies

Nearly 20 percent of cats in shelters were surrendered because their humans were allergic to them. But these stats may change if a cat allergy-blocking diet is found to be…

Debunking Common Pet Myths: Sorting Fact from Fiction

The Internet can be a great place for discovering valuable information, but plenty of misleading information — along with outright falsehoods — abounds in cyberspace as well. When it comes…


Fees for visits are to be paid in full at the time of service.  For your convenience we accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and CareCredit. Individuals other than the owner admitting an animal must provide written treatment authorization signed by the owner or be able to assume financial responsibility for the total cost of the visit.  Pay your bill online.

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